Houston Museum of Natural Science
Houston, Texas

Over the last ten years, a true paradigm shift has transpired in the energy industry, anchored by the extraordinary rise of unconventional hydrocarbon resources and the technological breakthroughs that make their recovery viable. Even on the conventional energy side, advances in engineering expertise, machinery, electronics, and computing power have led to increasing activity and an urgent need for new talent and know-how.

The astounding changes in the last ten years have not been limited to the energy sector. Major advances have also taken place in the world of exhibit display technology, including the rapid rise of LEDs and vast improvements in touch-screen technology, video resolution, and large-format video screens.

The developments described above indicate that the time is right to completely reimagine the Wiess Energy Hall, bringing its content and design into the exhilarating new realm of 21st century energy production—in the world, in the US, and especially—in Texas.