Our Mission

We aim to be the premier environment creators for visionary museums, and the go-to for the seemingly impossible.

Our Vision

We will provide the ultimate in exhibit designs and immersive environments of all sizes through meaningful consultation, custom fabrication, and efficient production.

Our Passion

We love enabling museums to transform their spaces into engaging exhibits while challenging our team of design and fabrication experts to do their best, most efficient work.

We Create “Wow.”

Our team of creative thinkers, talented designers, experienced machinists, and animators build things that stretch the imagination and engage the senses. We do it around the world. And we can do it for you. Our mantra, “nothing’s impossible,” fuels us through every project. We are passionate about our work and it shows.

Our Process

At Quantum Shop, our proven conceptual and production capabilities bring extraordinary results. We partner with museums worldwide to create fully immersive experiences. While each project presents its own unique set of challenges, we've established a proven system of design that ensures your idea becomes reality.


Whether you want to journey through time or explore microscopic worlds, we intricately blueprint every detail before any sawdust hits the floor. Our extensive expertise gives us the ability to strategize and comprehend all structural needs or special concerns before work begins.


Since we’ve done this many times, we know how to ask the right questions for maximizing your project’s potential. This helps ensure our partners such as museum curators and engineer affiliates are satisfied with all quality and safety specifications.

Fabricate & Test

Great ideas must also go the distance. It’s why we put our projects through a rigorous trial and quality-assurance process. This assures all interactive features are not only intuitive and durable, but are also safe to use for the life of the presentation.

Construct & Install

Here’s the fun part. Our team of construction specialists apply the latest finishing tools and innovative techniques to bring your vision to life. From one-of-a-kind lighting sources to specialized robotics, our scenery transformers ensure every detail meets your expectations.